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venerdì 7 ottobre 2011

LOOK OF THE DAY: "You've Been A Very Very, Bad Girl GAGA"

Ok this is one of the last outfit's where i will put the shorts to me beloved ... for the last time before it starts to get cold, because you know i come from Ecuador where a lot time i could not help but ....
Escat Pic's around the streets of Milàn where he started in the autumn. Here you'll see if the special -colored jacket and electric blue paired whit a shirt From Zara whit a plug of Lady Gaga'S a myth to me , whit the converse & Accessories several including my luck Bvlgari, and my bag is the last purchased By Sisley.
I hope you Like It...
Gerardo XX
Ok Chicos para este Look tengo una pantalaneta corta de color blanca una de mis preferidas y disfrute porque desde ahora già comenso hacer Friò. A qui en Milan y como ya saben yo Soy Ecuatoriano estoy acostumbrado a la Calor bueno, si notan tengo una cassaca Azùl eletrico que compre en Zara con la camisa de Lady Gaga unos de mi idolos con algunos acesorios como el bolso negro de Sisley y la pulsera de suerte de Bvlgari .
Espero que les Gusten ..
Gerardo XX
jacket: Zara/ shirt: Zara / shorts: Bershka / shoes: Converse / bracelet: Bvlgari /Bag: Sisley
/ glasses: Ray-Ban

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